Why rent from McCutcheon Music?

  • All on-time rental fee payments (excluding maintenance) accrue toward the purchase of your instrument!
  • You may continue to rent the instrument until it is paid off, or purchase it early and save 15-25%! The instrument may be returned anytime after the first two months.
  • Changing to another instrument of equal or greater value is permitted with your rental fees continuing to accumulate toward purchase. (Certain restrictions apply.)
  • McCutcheon Music provides maintenance as part of your rental agreement.  If you have any problems with the instrument, bring it in to our repair shop and our technicians will make any necessary repair or adjustment.  There is no extra charge.
  • If for some reason our technicians cannot repair the instrument on the spot, we will provide you with a loaner instrument to use while yours is being repaired at no extra charge. (Subject to availability)



Guaranteed Buy-Back Program

  • Purchase your choice of a new or used instrument. (as available)
  • Get 30% off the retail price of the
  • If you purchase an instrument through this program, we offer free maintenance for 6 months.
    You may return your instrument for a full refund (minus rental and maintenance fees) for up to 6 months provided it has not been abused.
  •  Receive a 15% discount on all print music and accessories for one full year


Get started renting in 3 easy steps

1. Fill out this form.  This is your Rental Contract.

2. Bring your Rental Contract, plus a form of identification, and a valid credit/ debit card to our store:
38 Marco Lane
Centerville, Ohio 45458

3. A member of our knowledgeable sales staff will process your Rental Contract, assign you an instrument, and you will leave the store that day with everything you need to get started playing!