Benfield Handmade Guitars

Brent Benfield, luthier

Brent began working with wood since 1972, and has been creating guitars since 1992. He builds classical and steel string acoustics guitars. Brent is detail oriented and has a sense of sound which marries technical knowledge. His skills combined with a love for the craft, creates artistically beautiful instruments that are pleasing to both the eye and the ear.

He holds a diploma from Timeless Instruments School (Canada) and has studied with Jose Romanillos.  He has published articles in American Lutherie (1997 and 2004).

Many unique design features make these completely handmade guitars not only a joy to play and hear, but a sight to behold. And they are available at affordable prices for handmade instruments with a big sound, starting at $1800.

Features include:

  • A lo-tie, 2-hole per string bridge which lowers the weight of the bridge
    and de-stresses the string angles
  • Binding strips contoured for their functionality and beauty
  • Gold-inlaid fret markers
  • Byers nut compensation – a precision system which tunes the entire
    fretboard, and is very pleasing to the ear
  • Angled saddle
  • Bone nut and saddle
  • Wide choice of tuners – Sloane, Reischl, Fusteros, Rodgers, and Alessi. Standard tuners are from
    Schaller and Gotoh.

I found the resonance I was looking for, and I was really able to
feel the music when playing this guitar. I am very happy to have this instrument
here with me. After speaking with Brent, I realize how much effort he puts into
each guitar. It’s a beautiful instrument – wonderful!  

– Steve T.
Dayton OH (2010)

Benfield guitars currently at McCutcheon Music

Some of Brent’s published articles:

1997: Doming the Soundboard.- American Lutherie, Issue # 49

2004: Attaching the Sides to the Neck using Wedges – AL, Issue # 80

    2007: The Norris Lattice Design – American Lutherie, Issue # 89

2009: Doming using the fixture seen Nov 30 ’08 – AL Issue # 97Inside Bracing Web