Repair Appointments

McCutcheon Repair offers private appointments. We can answer your questions and address your instrument’s special needs.


Fretted instruments

Services we can provide:

  • We can tailor the setup your instrument to the performance style of an individual player
  • We can custom blend strings for your style of playing
  • We have custom pickups and wiring available. We can discuss your options and design to your individual preference
  • There are certain strings that do not respond as well as others on Classical guitars. We can help you choose strings to voice your guitar.


Woodwind instruments

Services we can provide:

  • Play testing
  • Adjust venting of pad to fine tune intonationViolins
  • Key positioning
  • Key height adjustments
  • Intonation check of instrument on 12 dial strobe tuner


Orchestral String Instruments

Services we can provide:

  • Sound post adjustments
  • Custom tune bridges
  • Wolf analyses


Appointments are currently only available on Saturdays

Please call (937) 435-8601 for an appointment