McCutcheon Repair is equipped with the most modern and state of the art repair and diagnostic equipment. The interior of instruments can be inspected using digital cameras or fiber optic scopes. Slide and valve casings can be tested for leaks using the Mag machine.  Our repair shop uses micro torches for soldering broken braces to minimize damage to surrounding finishes.  Dent work and slide alignment is performed using the most state-of-the-art tools and techniques available.

Chemical cleaning

What is a chem bath?

The instruments are processed through an ultrasonic chemical bath to remove build up in the interior of the instrument. Cleaning is important not only for sanitation but for the life of the instrument. The chemicals that are use are designed specifically for brass musical instruments.


  • Disassemble instrument
  • All slides are removed
  • Valve or rotors are removed
  • All felts and corks are removed
  • Instrument is processed through the ultrasonic chemical bath
  • All tubing is cleaned and inspected
  • Instrument is rinsed in clean water
  • Instrument is dried
  • Slide stocks are buffed and polished
  • Felts and corks are replaced
  • Valves or rotors are ported
  • Slides are lubricated
  • Valves or rotors are oiled
  • Instrument is reassembled
  • Silver plated instrument are hand polished
  • Mouthpiece is polished
  • Case is vacuumed