Featuring the Satin Doll Soprano Saxophone




Introducing Series “X” by L.A. Sax!! The Series “X” is the ideal combination of the superior acoustic design of the current Big Lip series coupled with our exclusive new Reactor Panel Pad.
X-treme Sound: The sound of the Series “X” is crisper, cleaner and more projecting than anything you’ve played before. You’ll find that you can easily control the softest whisper of a dynamic one minute and easily power to the front of any ensemble the next.

X-cellent Feel: The new Series “X” offers rolled tone holes for a smoother feel and less pad noise. We’ve also improved our key design and placement to be more responsive to the hands aiding both in response and comfort.

X-citing New Look: The look of the new Series “X” is slightly more refined than previous generations of L.A. Sax. This elegantly finished with silver, vintage matte, and unpolished brass . . . each beautifully hand engraved and owning its own unique tonal properties.

Stop in McCutcheon Music to try out this beautiful saxophone!


Key Bb
Body / Bell / Neck Material Brass
Finish Rose MAtte
Bell Hand Engraved
Touch Pieces Genuine Abalone
Aux. Keys High F# / Front F
Thumb Hook Adjustable
Pads Italian Leather
Mouthpiece L.A. Sax
Case Backpack Style


Click here for "Blues for Beginning Guitarists" audio tracks.