Flutes, single reed and double reed instruments can be serviced by our professional staff of repair technicians. From minor adjustments to complete overhauls, broken keys to dents, and broken springs and tenons – we can repair them for you.

We strive to keep our repair work at the highest quality. Each instrument is tested and checked by two technicians. The final check over is completed just before your instrument is ready for pickup.
McCutcheon Repair uses only the best materials available. We use only natural cork in replacing key corks and tenon corks.

Breakthroughs in modern technology have advanced the ability to detect the smallest of leaks. The Magnehelic machine (aka “Mag” machine) can even detect the variation in the seal of a person’s fingerprint. All of the instruments are tested utilizing the “Mag” machine.


What is the difference between and re-pad and an overhaul?

Our Re-pads

  • Disassemble and remove all pads, key corks and felts
  • Key work is cleaned in an ultrasonic chemical bath
  • Plastic or metal instruments: Bodies are cleaned in an ultrasonic chemical bath
  • Wooden instruments: Bodies are oiled with special organic bore oil that we developed
    • The body is hydrated to assure the wood is stable
    • The bore of the instrument is polished and sealed
  • Pivot screws and hinge rods are cleaned and oiled
  • All pads, corks and felts are replaced
  • The instrument is reassembled
  • The pads and key cups are leveled
  • Pads are seated and the height of the keys are adjusted
  • Each key is tested for leakage using the “Mag” machine
  • The instrument is play tested to assure that it plays throughout the entire chromatic range
  • All alternate key fingerings are tested
  • The mouthpiece is cleaned in an ultrasonic bath
  • Case is vacuumed

Our Overhaul – A Re-pad plus:

  • Key work is polished and refitted to remove lost motion
  • Flute bodies are hand polished to a high luster
  • Wood is hand polished
  • For wooden instruments, the emblem is renewed in gold or silver markers
  • Tone holes are inspected and resurfaced as needed


Other Services

Tenon repairs

  • Tenon GraftingRepair 3
  • Tenon Sleeving

Custom Padding

  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Synthetic
  • Cork (Clarinet)
  • Special order pads
  • Custom tone boosters (Saxophone)

Custom Setup of your instrument

We can sit down with the musician and setup the instrument for their playing style. This would require an appointment after the repair work is performed